The Pink Pamper - Women Helping Women in Pittsburgh PA

The Pink Pamper is Pittsburgh’s preeminent cancer-related non-profit with 13 years of experience raising money in support of our mission which is to improve the lives and well-being of women impacted by the devastating and life-altering effects of a cancer diagnosis. All of the proceeds raised each year are distributed to women who reside in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Can you?...Will you?...Join Us!!

Why We Do What We Do

Did you know that health insurance does not cover the cost of prosthetic wigs for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions? Or, were you aware that many cancer patients forego the prescription medications their doctors want them to take because they find themselves forced to choose between paying for those medications or buying food to feed their families? Unfortunately, these are just two examples of the many difficult issues facing women fighting this difficult battle to regain their health. A battle that’s both physically and emotionally exhausting! And for them, these kinds of choices and challenges can drain them of the energy they really must have in order to triumph over cancer itself.

Therefore, The Pink Pamper is committed to providing assistance to women who find themselves involved in the very situations described above. In fact, all of the proceeds from our fundraising efforts go directly to assist those in need since all of the women who "drive the bus" for The Pink Pamper are unpaid volunteers! Also, the organizations supported by The Pink Pamper are committed to assisting those in need right here in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Can you? … Will you? … Join us!

Won't YOU Join Us?

As our vision to “improve the lives of women impacted by cancer” continues to evolve and expand, we are always in need of individuals and businesses who share our vision and passion. After all, the more help we have, the more women we can help!

Can you?... Will you?... Join us?  

How can YOU help us?

Donate -  Your tax-deductible monetary contributions will help us distribute more wig vouchers, assist additional families with their holiday shopping and bring much needed attention to these important efforts. In-kind donations of all types are also very much needed and appreciated. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org or click Donate

Volunteer - We need volunteers to help us with a variety of projects throughout the year and at our fundraising events. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org or click Volunteer

Committee Service - We need more members to serve on the committees that help us organize and run our growing organization. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org or click Committee Member

Sponsors - Continued support from the business community is vital to our growth. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org

Additional Questions? Please call (412) 855-6822 or send us a message at  info@pinkpamper.org today if you have any other questions about our events or how you or your company can help us help more women.
Thank you!

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