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The Pink Pamper – Women Helping Women in Pittsburgh PA

The Pink Pamper is dedicated to raising funds for resources that improve the well-being of women impacted by the life-changing events of cancer and domestic violence

The Pink Pamper is a non-profit organization of women raising awareness as well as funds for women’s health initiatives. In just nine years, the Pink Pamper has tripled in size and scope. We now are funding three causes for women:  Cancer Patient Assistance Fund, HaLo Fund for medical hair loss, and Aid for Domestic Violence Fund.  Additionally, we have a G.I.F.T. Fund to assist cancer patients in the community. Our vision to lead women to help women continues to evolve. We are ever in need of women who share our vision and passion.

Can you?…Will you?…Join Us!!

Why We Do What We Do

We support several organizations that provide assistance to women and children. For example, did you know that health insurance doesn’t cover the cost (and they’re not cheap!) of a wig for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other health problems? Did you know that many cancer patients in treatment forgo their prescription medicine because they must choose between feeding their family or fighting the cancer?  This is a major issue for those who are struggling to make ends meet while fighting an expensive battle for their health.  And, did you know many women and children leaving an environment of abuse and violence leave with nothing more than the clothes on their back and most often without financial resources?

The Pink Pamper is committed to providing  assistance in the very situations described above.  AND, the organizations supported by the Pink Pamper assist those in need in our community of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  All of the proceeds from fundraisers go directly to assist those in need.  All of the women who “drive the bus” for the Pink Pamper are non-paid volunteers!

Can you?…Will you?…Join Us!!

HaLo Fund

The Pink Pamper HaLo Fund benefits individuals who experience hair loss due to medical conditions, by providing support and financial assistance toward hair replacement options. Debbie Mancuso, owner of Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh, works with the Pink Pamper and Magee Women’s Hospital, acting as a liaison for those in need of assistance for hair replacement.  Debbie also directs the Pink Pamper Board to women that might be assisted through the G.I.F.T. program.


Cancer Patient Assistance Fund

The Patient Assistance Fund was created by doctors with the sole purpose of assisting cancer patients so they could afford treatment. The Fund does not pay for treatment, but instead helps with the additional costs associated with a diagnosis of cancer. For example; radiation treatments are successive, which means you might be missing work 5 days a week for a number of weeks; and you are paying for hospital parking and additional fuel for your vehicle. Or, your diet must change to organic foods and you have multiple prescriptions; and they are expensive!  This fund assists cancer patients with the extraordinary costs that often accompany a diagnosis of cancer outside the realm of medical insurance.

Aid for Domestic Violence Fund: Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania

The Pink Pamper is striving to provide personal care needs and new pajamas and slippers for each woman coming into the shelter for services.  Many women and their children arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. We asked teens in our community to sell 50/50 tickets at the Pink Pamper Health & Beauty Fair for the sole purpose of raising money to purchase pajamas and slippers for women seeking shelter. The pajama party (kids came dressed in PJ’s to sell tickets) was very successful! Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania

In addition to providing personal care needs and pajamas, the Pink Pamper donates proceeds from Pink Pamper fundraising events to DVSSP.




 Won’t You Join Us?

Our vision to lead “women to help women” continues to evolve.  We are ever in need of women who share our vision and passion. We are women giving our time and our hearts to help our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, … and you.  Can you?… Will you?… Join us?   Here’s how you can help:

Donate.  Your donation of cash, goods or services are welcomed.  Please “Send Us a Message” or DONATE at the top of his web page.

Sponsors. Continued support from the business community is vital to our growth.  To learn more, click here.

Volunteers. We need volunteers to help us at the various fundraising events sponsored by the Pink Pamper.

Committee Service. We need more committee members to help us organize and run our growing organization.

 Questions? Please send us a message today if you have any questions about our event or how you or your company can participate. Thank you!