Woman of courage Award 2019

The Pink Pamper “Women of Courage award 2019” was be presented at the “3rd Annual Bubble Ball” Saturday, March 30th, 2019 by Kelly Frey of WTAE.

This year the nominations were outstanding and two names kept coming up over and over again neck and neck. These two Ladies both have had Cancer and took those “Lemons and turned them into Lemonade.” They work tirelessly helping other Women with their generous and outpouring hearts, as they help and guide our Ladies on their journey to wellness. 

Carol Glock
Carol Glock, M.Ed

Carol Glock, M.Ed. is a graduate of Carlow University, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in psychology and education and obtained her master’s degree in Health Education from the Pennsylvania State University. She conducts various hospital, community health, sports and wellness education classes. Carol is the Academic Program Coordinator for the Wellness and Physical Education Department at Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania where she teaches mental training for sports and life.

Carol was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in June of 2013. Her treatment took place at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she participated in a clinical trial, along with receiving chemotherapy, radiation and had a left breast mastectomy. Due to the great care given to her by the oncology team at Allegheny General Hospital, she was motivated to start a nonprofit.

Carol is founder and president of the Glock Foundation. The mission of the Glock Foundation is to raise funds to support breast cancer research, clinical trials, education and patient care. Currently, Carol conducts lectures on breast cancer and clinical trials along with supporting patients through their breast cancer journey. Recently, Carol attended the National Breast Cancer Coalition Project LEAD Institute in LaJolla California which is an innovative science program for breast cancer activists.

Jennifer Kehm
Jennifer Kehm

Jennifer Kehm was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 in 2000. Married with three sons ( 5, 3 and 15 months) she found herself in a minority of breast cancer patients. She searched for support for people in her stage of life with young children. Unable to find any groups, she created one! This was back in 2001 Facebook was not invented. She created the support group by word of mouth, dial-up internet and a team of young survivors. Monthly meetings at Panera the bonds grew strong, women empowering women through the turbulent and often devastating diagnosis of premenopausal breast cancer.

In 2005, on her 5 year anniversary, her dear friend, Lisa Edmonds, wanted to raise money to create the fundraising side of what now is known as the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. In 2009, they were granted a 501c3 and have gone on to raise over $400,000 to support women emotionally during a Breast cancer diagnosis. They have hosted fashion shows, hosted The Cake Boss, Meet and Greets with the Guiding Light Soap Opera, and developed a wonderful community partnership with Panera’s Pink Ribbon Bagel. Funding has supported the American Cancer Society Reach to Recovery Program, Magee Women’s Hospital Patient Navigator Program. The Cancer Caring Center, to name a few. Over the years the YWBCAF has also given private grants for women undergoing treatment.

Jennifer is a fervent believer in educating patients and encouraging them to become part of the decision making process with their medical teams. She has provided opportunities for her breast cancer community to see presentations and Q and A from nationally recognized breast cancer physicians for the past 10 years. She recently graduated from the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Project LEAD, an intensive science course for breast cancer advocates.

Jennifer and Young Women Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation are now merged with The Cancer Caring Center.

Join the Pink Pamper as we honor both nominees of the Woman of Courage Award 2019. Jennifer Kehm of the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and Carol Glock of the Glock Foundation.

The Pink Box Campaign

September 15 – October 31, 2018:   

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Thank you to Smail Auto Group

Thank you to Smail Auto Group for hosting a Pink Pamper Spa Day.
A big shout out to the Salons who helped make it a great success.

The Bubble Ball 2018 Photos

Thank you for attending the 2nd Annual Pink Pamper Bubble Ball.


Kelly Frey has received the “Woman of Courage” Award

The Bubble Ball 2018

Every woman who has ever battled cancer has her own story to tell. Whether she found the cancer through a diagnostic test or felt a lump, that’s where her personal cancer story began. And cancer does not discriminate. The fact is, no matter who you are, what your job title is, where you fall in line in the family, how financially fit you are or how healthy you feel, you may wake up one morning to find yourself fighting your own cancer battle. Sadly, more than 12.5% (1 in 8) of women in the U.S. face that very thing each year.

If you happen to live in the Pittsburgh area, however, you may awaken and turn on your television to see the overnight news explained to you by a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman who’s been a constant in our homes every morning for over 17 years. And although she has a slight smile on her face, her somewhat serious tone alerts you to the fact that not all of the things that happened while you slept were good. But what her tone does not routinely convey when she’s relaying the news is that she is fighting her own personal cancer battle. Instead, her smile and her laughter retain their typically fun, contagious nature.

Yes, Kelly Frey has her own cancer story to share and she shared it publically with her TV audience and on Social Media during 2017 in an effort to help others. And although Kelly is a recognizable public figure with a beautiful family, she remains very humble in spite of the notoriety and recognition her candor about her diagnosis and treatment brought her. In fact, when Pittsburgh Magazine recently celebrated her as their “Pittsburgher of the Year” at a special awards ceremony, Kelly didn’t focus on herself. Instead, she “called out” people that meant a lot to her in groups. Then, after she named each group, she waved the copy of the magazine that she held in her hand and chanted, “This one’s for you!”

So, The Pink Pamper has chosen Kelly Frey as its “Woman of Courage” Award winner for 2018 because she’s inspired every woman who’s heard her story throughout the entire Pittsburgh area and beyond. The way she handled herself with style and grace throughout her diagnosis and treatment is unmatched. The strength and courage she exhibited as she “fought back” against her disease, as well as her self-deprecating sense of humor, gave every woman who has or might one day have cancer great reason to hope.

Kelly, we are honored to know you and feel grateful that you grace us with your presence every day! We thank you for being exactly who you are and send you our love and prayers for continued health, joy and peace always!