“Sometimes something happens and your heart swells to three times it’s size.  It is then you realize that your heart has been imprinted with the desire to do more.  G.I.F.T. was born of that desire.  YOU can help the Pink Pamper do MORE!”

Cancer Charities Pittsburgh Women

Amy Holeva – Makeover Winner

The G.I.F.T. Fund was inspired by one of the most popular and meaningful moments of the Pink Pamper Health & Beauty Fair… the “Extreme Pink Pamper Style Makeover”.  After “gifting” our first winner, we all knew we wanted to do this for more women in treatment.  Seeing her glow; seeing her family’s smiles and appreciation; seeing what a “gift” indeed it was to “pamper” a woman going  through cancer treatment…we knew we had to do more.

This inspiration has led the Pink Pamper to another realization…there are many women needing help in many ways.  And, perhaps, we could utilize the G.I.F.T. FUND to support women in need in our community.  We often hear of a woman, and also her family, struggling with the burden of a cancer diagnosis.  Often treatment can be extremely expensive.  Individual situations vary with the financial strain, but in the end help is needed.

Would you or someone you know like to receive a “G.I.F.T.” from the Pink Pamper?  Please submit the application below for consideration.

Pink Pamper G.I.F.T. Application

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