In loving memory …

Sava and Mary Georgeou      Given by Deana Micucci-March, 2013
                    Virginia Sullivan        Given by Mary Beth Poremski-April 2013
        Victoria Caporal     Helen D Caporal      Anthony R Caporal                 
                                                                          Given by Marian Caporal Geisler-April 2013
                               Don and Eileen Dickson         November, 2012
   Barbara Biscup          Loving wife to Jim, treasured mom to Debbie and
Paula, and dedicated sister to Paul         November, 2012
        Cecelia Hensch        Miss your sense of humor..think of you every day.
Love you. Debbie Mancuso       November, 2012  
My mother-in-law, Marge Gillen     One of the kindest people I’ve known. 
Big heart…and she loved her family!  Miss you! Cassie    November, 2012
                     Jo Ann Werner    I love you Mom!    November, 2012
Joe Fastuca (Dad)       We love you and miss you every day!. Love, the Fastuca Family
                    Shirley Pido    We love and miss  you every day!      November, 2013
Karen Campbell

In celebration of …

Nelle Shirk “Gram”  2x survivor!   November, 2012
                                        Sandy Kirk    Uncle Jeff    November, 2012
Vicki Binny (Aunt)   We hope & pray for you every day! XOXO    November, 2012
                  Anet 12 years Cancer free!               November, 2012
Jen Spiegel                        November, 2012
                                   Marsha Davis           November, 2012
Nikki Alcorn              November, 2012
                      Lynne Doley  with love!                  November, 2012
To our treasured sister Tammy Cunningham who shines the brightest
loving life light!  We are so grateful!       November, 2012