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The Pink Pamper – Helping Women in Pittsburgh, PA

Since its inception in 2008, the Pink Pamper has been driven by its mission: To improve the lives and well-being of women impacted by the devastating and life-altering effects of a cancer diagnosis.

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How it all got started

An evening that began with the intention of some girlfriends getting together to share good wine and some laughs, evolved into one of the most meaningful moments in our lives. A heartfelt discussion revealed our mutual desire to make a difference in the lives of others, specifically women who had been diagnosed with cancer. Our path became clear – to design a non-profit organization for that very purpose. Soon after that night in 2008, The Pink Pamper was born.

It is a myth that insurance covers everything when it comes to cancer, so this group of like-minded girlfriends decided that their organization’s top priority would be to support women with cancer by assisting them with things that are not covered by insurance – prescription copays, deductibles, healthy organic foods, gas for their cars, natural-looking prosthetic wigs, etc. As this list has grown, so has the support from The Pink Pamper.

Why We Do What We Do

While the healing process is slightly different for each person, the goal of The Pink Pamper remains constant – to improve the lives and well-being of women in the Pittsburgh area who are impacted by the devastating effects of a cancer diagnosis. It is our belief that being able to retain dignity and a positive self-image is essential to healing and facing the challenges of cancer treatments. We want women with cancer to remain confident, in themselves and their looks, and feel beautiful inside and out. By providing prosthetic wigs and other tangible beauty items, The Pink Pamper helps women feel empowered to keep fighting through their battle with cancer.

How Can YOU Help Us?


Your tax-deductible monetary contributions will help us distribute more wig vouchers, assist additional families with their holiday shopping and bring much needed attention to these important efforts. In-kind donations of all types are also very much needed and appreciated. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org or click Donate.


We need volunteers to help us with a variety of projects throughout the year and at our fundraising events. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org or click Volunteer.

Committee Member

We need more members to serve on the committees that help us organize and run our growing organization. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org or click
Committee Member.


Continued support from the business community is vital to our growth. To learn more, please email us at info@pinkpamper.org.

Additional Questions? Please call (412) 855-6822 or send us a message at info@pinkpamper.org today if you have any other questions about our events or how you or your company can help us help more women.


Thank you!

As our mission to “improve the lives of women impacted by cancer” continues to evolve and expand, we are always in need of individuals and businesses who share our vision and passion. After all, the more help we have, the more women we can help!

Can you?… Will you?… Join us?

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