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It All Started With a Tube of Lipstick…

Fashion Supporting Cancer Charities

Pink Changing Lives by Mary Kay

In 2008, Marsha Davis and Marian Geisler, Independent Beauty Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics,  decided to do a fundraiser based around a new promotion that Mary Kay was sponsoring, called “Pink Changing Lives – With each purchase of Apple Berry Lipstick, Mary Kay will donate 100 percent of its profits from the sale to change the lives of women and children around the world. As the two friends talked further about the idea, the concept changed into an event at the nearby Crowne Plaza South Hotel.  The Apple Berry Lipstick became a catalyst for the first “Pink Pamper Health and Beauty Fair.

They called other consultants and friends whom they thought might share their vision of a hosting a Health and Beauty Fair as a fundraiser to help support women who are fighting some form of cancer, and The Pink Pamper was off and running.


A Health and Beauty Fair for Fundraising

Beauty Fairs for Womens Cancer Charities Pittsburgh

Health & Beauty Fair – Fundraising for Women’s Cancer Charities Pittsburgh

The Pink Pamper’s first year concept was to invite a variety of vendors and other professionals. Vendors and professionals within the “Health” fields were asked to provide useful  information about many different women’s health concerns; as were vendors of cosmetics and other beauty products that women like to buy to make themselves feel better.  Professionals in beauty services donated their time to provide “pampering” services, including haircuts, manicures, massages, and facial waxing.

The Health and Beauty Fair was a great success and attendance has increased steadily over the years.  The success of the Health and Beauty Fair has led the Pink Pamper to explore other opportunities for fundraising.  In 2015, the first casino night, “Black Jack and all that Jazz” was held in March.


Womens Cancer Charities Pittsburgh

Women Helping Women