The HaLo Fund

All proceeds from The Pink Pamper’s fundraising efforts support either our HaLo Fund or our G.I.F.T. Fund. Both funds help us fulfill our mission to “improve the lives of women impacted by cancer.”

The HaLo Fund was established to help women who have experienced the trauma of hair loss due to chemotherapy by providing financial assistance in the form of a $350 voucher towards the purchase of a beautiful, natural-looking wig at Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh. This is vital to these women because when a woman’s hair (her halo!) is restored, she experiences the very important benefits of increased self-confidence, improved health and even a more positive outlook about the future. Plus, Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh, our exclusive partner in this effort, carries an assortment of helpful accessories including hats, turbans, scarves, hair products and wig supplies in addition to the best synthetic and human hair wigs currently available.


HaLo Fund Testimonials:

Oncology Patient Navigators, Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC

"The Pink Pamper Organization has been very helpful to women at Magee undergoing treatment for cancer, who are also facing the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis and care"
  – Mary G.

"Having an organization like the Pink Pamper, and their support for wigs, allows women fighting breast and gynecologic cancers the opportunities to maintain some sense of control over their disease and treatment and gives them the ability to look and feel more positive about themselves during treatment"
  – Susan P.

"Something like a wig, during hair loss because of chemotherapy, may seem like a minor thing, but to a woman who is fighting every day to maintain some control over her life as a cancer patient. It means dignity, well-being and helps them be the best they can be. The HaLo Fund of the Pink Pamper Organization provides a valuable support for wigs for these women"
  – Catherine J.